About this blog

Gordon Matthews writes: I hope this blog may be of some help to anyone who is seeking to grow in the spirit and live a loving life that contributes to justice, peace and the integrity of creation.

I felt encouraged to start this blog because over the years I’ve had a number of articles published in Quaker and other journals, such as The Friend and Church and Peace, and received positive feedback. During seven years as warden of the Quaker Meeting House in Evesham I enjoyed writing the “Thought for the Week” for the Evesham Journal from time to time. Short extracts from two of my articles in The Friend have been republished and are often quoted in Quaker circles.

What I like to write about: peace, politics, nonviolence, goodness-force, Palestine/Israel; spiritual growth, love, forgiveness, Quakers, discernment, leadings, theology; economic justice, environmental sustainability, intentional community, Green politics, Transition; people like Amos Gvirtz, Hadewijch Touwen, George Fox, and Thomas Merton; places I’ve visited in the UK, Germany, other European countries,  the USA, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Jamaica, and Ecuador.

Possible topics for the future: Brexit, Martin Niemoeller, H.W. van der Merwe, Albert Schweitzer and his ethic of “reverence for life”, George Fox and the origins of the Quaker peace testimony, le Chambon-sur-Lignon. But don’t hold your breath! I live a busy life and don’t get around to writing new blogposts as often as I would like.

Please note that the views expressed on this blog are entirely my own. No-one else can be made responsible for what I write!



  1. mauricedetreytel · November 27, 2013

    Hy Gordon,

    Kongratulations for the blog and for your commitment. I am very impressed of the way your are following your concern. It will be a very good reference for me, when I look for arguments or stimulating thoughts about this matter.
    My way to your blog was: I am on the maylinglist of FICR-Newsletter (perhaps you will have seen it). But I just parked the two mails before the last one, which I began to read without knowing, that you are the writer before I got to the end. Then I read the other one where you have been introduced and the first one you wrote. This morning I just wondered, the there is already a new one, so I read it in the mood, there could be some urgent News.
    Please contact me per E-Mail in order to check, what would be the best or the most practicable way to have a german Version of your last Newsletter for “Quäker” or a sort of digest of both, with a mention of your blog.

    With kind regards
    in Friendship


  2. Hi Gordon,

    So glad that you have taken to blogging, like a duck to water! Am enjoying reading your blogs, especially your thoughts being in residence at Friends Meeting House in Ramallah / El-Bireh.

    Blessings and Go well Friend


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